Friday, September 19, 2014

Jim Mazza Soundgarden Los Angeles Variant Free Friday Poster Giveaway


Soundgarden fans have been a happy bunch in recent years as they have released a new album and have been touring again. With all this they have had some excellent posters and Jim Mazza created one of them for the recent show at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.

Jim wants one of you fine readers to have this great poster. Now this is no ordinary poster, it is the variant on light blue paper of which there are only 5. The poster is 19" x 25" inches and a 6 color screen print including metallic silver and a transparent grey overlay that includes lots of subtle detail in the printing that you need to see first hand to appreciate.

Now go to the top of the post above the picture and click on comments or scroll down (depends on how you see this post) to leave a comment about your favorite Soundgarden song to have a chance at winning the poster. Don't worry if your comment does not appear immediately I have to approve them before they are published. I will use the Random Number Generator to pick a winner. Entries are limited to ONE PER PERSON PER HOUSEHOLD. Please leave your name with the comment, comments without names will not be accepted. Entries will be accepted until 11:59 PM PDT Saturday September 20 with the winner announced on Sunday.

After leaving your comment be sure to go check out all of Jim's work on his brand new website and sign up for his newsletter

Chuck Sperry Black Keys Philadelphia Poster Release

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Hang on Philadelphia, The Black Keys will be in town Saturday night and Chuck Sperry is doing the poster for the show.

The Black Keys Philadelphia 2014
30 x 22 inches, Edition of 280 Signed and Numbered, 6 colors on archival cream paper

There will be 2 variants for sale as well only from Chuck.
Gold Opal Edition of 15
6 colors on gold opal metallic paper

Green Mirror Foil Edition of 15
6 colors on green mirror foil

Chuck about the design of this poster:
When I heard The Black Key’s new album “Turn Blue” I was struck by the heavy acid rock intro. My poster for Philadelphia mashes a retro psychedelic vibe with contemporary graffiti background. Realized in heavy metallic gold and blue metallic silver, this poster just glows.
The regular edition of this poster will be available at the show officially through The Black Keys at the Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia on Saturday, September 20, 2014.

Chuck will be making a very limited online release of this poster and it’s variants on Sunday, September 21, 2014 at a random time on his website .

Brin Levinson & Stinkfish Print Releases from Galerie F

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This coming Monday, September 22nd Galerie F will be introducing a new artist to their roster that they have been fond of for ages. Galerie F is eager to present Colombian street artist and illustrator Stinkfish; the first of many projects they will be launching this year is a limited edition silkscreen print dropping in just a few days. Stinkfish first premiered his work in Chicago this past May with Vertical Gallery, though his unique aesthetic and prolific street art installations are known worldwide.

"Vanidades" by Stinkfish ** Title subject to change
Five color screenprint on Cougar Natural printed at FugScreens Studios, 18" x 24"
Edition of 65, hand numbered and paired with a certificate of authenticity designed by the artist.

Haven't had enough yet? Don't despair, Galerie F will have another stunning release to follow on Monday September 28th at 2PM CST. ZThey are pleased to release a new giclee and painting by Brin Levinson themed on the great city of Chicago. Brin Levinson is an immensely talented painter with quickly growing following and super nice guy that I had the pleasure of meeting last year

"Elevated Souls" 2014, oil on birch panel, 33" x 21", signed by the artist. $1800.
Giclee print edition of 25, 13" x 22" signed and numbered by the artist. $50 plus shipping.

Alex Pardee Cabin in the Words Zoology Department Posters

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Zero Friends logo on the front door can only mean bad things

Alex Pardee and the Zero Friends crew for the first time, will be doing a DOUBLE EXCLUSIVE PRINT RELEASE this weekend! One exclusive to MONDO-CON, and one exclusive to ZEROFRIENDS.COM. See below for details on our dual release.
And tickets are still available for Mondo Con here, so if you are in the area, come hang!
 He will also be a part of an insanely cool "Designing Movies" panel on Saturday at 1:20PM

Inspired by one of Alex's favorite movies of the last decade, "Cabin In The Woods", he managed to get 34 paintings into ONE print, and ZEROFRIENDS will be releasing two different color-ways this weekend ONLY.

By Alex Pardee
12" x 36"
Limited Edition of 40 (signed and numbered)
EXCLUSIVE TO MONDO-CON (the ONLY way to buy this print is by attending Mondo Con)

By Alex Pardee
12" x 36"
TIMED-LIMITED EDITION. This print will be available to ANYONE who purchases it online at between Friday Sept 19th at Noon PST and Sunday Sept 21 at Midnight PST, but this is the only time you can buy this edition!
EXCLUSIVE TO ZEROFRIENDS the ONLY way to buy this print is by purchasing it at Zerofriends between these times. The edition size will be determined by how many are sold.

Shepard Fairey People’s Climate March Poster

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Details from Shepard Fairey on his new poster:  Only 3 days until the People’s Climate March!

Most of you know that I am very concerned about the dangers of climate change. Dick Cheney said “if there is even a 1% chance of a terrorist attack, we must do everything in our power to be prepared”. 95% or more of the scientific community agrees that climate change is happening, and is a dramatic threat to the planet, yet far less is being done to fight climate change than to fight terrorism.

It’s a good thing the streets of New York will be flooded soon — with hundreds of thousands of people demanding solutions to our out-of-control climate crisis. It’s both an honor and a calling of my conscience for me to contribute a poster to the People’s Climate March effort and get something urgent across about one of the biggest threats facing present and future generations. Lady Liberty and all of us are in trouble if we don’t push our leaders to take bold action.
-Shepard Fairey

The poster is 18 x 24 inch screen print on Speckletone paper.  Signed and numbered edition of 300. Proceeds go to
On sale now at Obey Giant in PRINTS.
You can download the poster FOR FREE here

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Black Keys Miles Tsang Canada Posters Release Details

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Once again Miles Tsang has created two badass posters for The Black Keys. He did one poster for the September 16 show in Toronto and another for the September 17 in Ottawa & September 18 show in Montreal Canada.

Both posters are 18"x24" inches, with editions of 300 signed & numbered (75 available through Miles) that glow in the dark. He will be selling them around Noon EDT on Saturday, September 20th on his website.

Miles always documents his creative process better than anyone and he has made a great video of it so be sure to check this out.

Jack White Seattle Posters by Silent Giant & Others

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The Silent Giants just dropped 4 new posters including 2 for Jack White's recent shows in Seattle.

Each of the Jack White posters are 18 x 24 3 Color screen prints with signed and numbered edition of 350

Spoon Royal Oak  18x24, 3 Colors with Metallic Silver, Edition of 180

Bring Me the Head of Machine Gun Woman 36x24 3 colors Edition of 50

Buy them at

MEGGS "Spoiled Rotten" Gallery Show & Preview

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Rotocast and hand painted

Inner State Gallery Presents Spoiled Rotten By David “MEGGS” Hooke
An Entirely New Body Of Work From The Prolific Australian Artist

- To Join The Advanced Collector Preview Email -

Opening to the public Friday, September 19th from 6-10pm, Inner State Gallery is proud to welcome Australian artist David “MEGGS” Hooke for his solo exhibition Spoiled Rotten. The exhibition of over 40 new paintings and multiples explores the wondrous decay of social morality stemming from modern society’s obsession with pop culture and overindulgent materialism, and continues MEGGS’ perpetual fascination with dualism and finding beauty in tragedy.

The city of Detroit plays a major influence in MEGGS’ philosophy behind Spoiled Rotten, as he created an entirely new body of work during his five-week residency at Inner State Gallery and 1xRUN. The exhibition highlights Detroit as an inspirational juxtaposition of a spoiled past and its position as a new canvas for growth and rebirth. MEGGS’ use of deteriorating signage and locally sourced materials from the city’s abandoned and forgotten places emphasizes the revival of social pillars such as community and the idea that destruction and decay breed new beginnings.

The genesis of Spoiled Rotten lies in MEGGS’ painting entitled ‘Life’s Ups and Downs,’ which features a split image of the inflated iconic yellow happy face balloon juxtaposed with its discarded, decaying, and deflated other half.

“This concept started when I saw a deflated happy face balloon, which is an image I’ve been obsessed with lately. The ‘happy’ balloon is a classic icon that depicts playfulness, optimism, and the idea of, “Have a nice day!” Yet, the balloon is also a very disposable item and has a limited life span. It deflates. I think this is something that people can identify with and it ties into that idea of duality in Detroit,” Meggs said.

The exhibition also marks the debut of a new sculptural collaboration between MEGGS and artist Rafael Batista of Brooklyn, New York. Batista, who hand-sculpted each piece, gives new life to MEGGS’ happy face balloon images, taking them from canvas to 3D collectors’ items.

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, MEGGS has proven to be one of the most progressive street and fine artists with countless murals and gallery shows worldwide. MEGGS’ massive large scale murals throughout the globe have made him a must see artist at mural festivals like POW! WOW!, Forest For The Trees, and Sea Walls. Taking this same tireless work ethic to fine art gallery shows with creative and immersive installations at California’s White Walls and Thinkspace galleries, MEGGS’ Spoiled Rotten will be sure to impress.

Please join them from 6-10pm on September 19th for an artist welcoming reception and opening night celebration.

Inner State Gallery
1410 Gratiot Avenue
Detroit, Michigan 48207

Squadt Brandt Peters & Ferg Terror Boys GOHSTBAT [Yeti Wizrd - Nothern]

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Every time Ferg and Brandt Peters release a new Squadt they raise the bar for vinyl figures and out do their last one. This Terror Boys GOHSTBAT Yeti Wizrd - Nothern Squadt is so badass. He is 6" vinyl, fur and ABS - Includes 2 sets of HT lenses, 2.1 and classic arms, claw hands, jeweled sword-cane and a removable helmet.

The release is set for Monday, September 22 at 12:00 noon central time

Cyrcle Totym Print Release Details

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CYRCLE the two-man collective born out of Los Angeles, California in 2010 have a new print they are releasing with 1xRUN on Thursday. Totym is a 5 color screen print that will have an edition of 75 signed and numbered.

"The piece was created during our recent travels to Europe, specifically in Vienna, Austria 2014. It is the last piece of the OVERTHRONE! theme. We are pleased with marriage of concept and composition as well as the color theory/balance. The piece was a digitally created design paying homage to pre-computer, traditional graphic design. The concept is rooted in breaking down mythologies, and overthrowing power.

We wanted to create the final piece of art for the OVERTHRONE! campaign, ending with this print. The design suggests the infinite nature of mythologies of the mind and the power they wield." - Cyrcle

On sale Thursday at NOON EDT at

Steve Mitchell The Ace of Spades Print

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Steve Mitchell of 57 Design Co. in England has released his first ever print. The Ace Of Spades is a Neo-Victorian Maximalist tribute to the highest card in the deck, also known as the ‘death card’. Printed two color, white and silver ink on 270gsm ebony paper. Check out the detail on this print, it's crazy good. 

Buy it at Print Club London or in the 57 Design Store

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dave Hunter The Black Keys Detroit Poster Release Details

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Dave Hunter has created another rad looking poster for The Black Keys and was done for the show in Detroit last Friday. The trippy looking poster is 20 x 28 inches and it is a 4 color silkscreen on 100# thick black paper with split fountain blend and thick-ass bright gold metallic inks.

Dave will have it for sale Thursday September 18 at a random time on his website. There will be a red vellum and mirror foil variant as well, possible others too.

Rhys Cooper blink 182 Dortmund Germany Poster Release

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Last month I had the pleasure of debuting exclusively HERE the poster Rhys Cooper did for blink 182 and the show in Dortmund Germany, now I can tell you when you will be able to get a signed and numbered copy from Rhys himself.

The poster is 6 color silkscreen poster on heavy 250gsm paper stock printed with metallic inks. Artist edition of only 50!!! Poster is 12 x 36 inches. All posters numbered and signed.
Available midnight Thursday 18th Sept Australian time, US 18th Thurs morning / Germany afternoon in Rhys Cooper's Store

Jermaine Rogers Die Antwoord Paris & Family Poster Release Details

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Jermaine Rogers DIE ANTWOORD Paris Poster 2014 Release

Measuring approx. 30x23 inches, this 7 color screen print was commissioned for Die Antwoord's recent performance at Rock En Seine in Paris, France. The artwork was used extensively to promote the appearance: a huge image was posted in the Duroc Metro (subway) station in Paris.

About Die Antwoord, Jermaine says:
'That band rules. Don't ask questions and don't try to figure the thing out. Just feel it. Besides, they are down with the Aphex Twin. Period.'

From a signed and numbered edition of only 75 pieces, on white stock.

Measuring approx. 30x23 inches, this 7 color screen print is printed on holographic 'shattered' pattern foil stock.

From a signed and numbered edition of only 25 pieces

- ALEPPIN SANE Vinyl Figure (SDCC 2014 Exclusive GLOW Edition) -
This 8 inch tall vinyl figure was released this past Summer at the Jermaine Rogers booth during the 2014 San Diego Comic Con. The figure was an exclusive, limited to only 100 pieces. 75% of the pieces were allotted for the con and sold out: we've held back a limited number of them for online sale (as promised). This piece glows in the dark! Box will come signed by Jermaine Rogers. - 60.00 plus shipping/handling

- 'FAMILY' Art Print -
This screened art print was released this past Summer at the Jermaine Rogers booth during the 2014 San Diego Comic Con. From a signed and numbered edition limited to only 100 pieces. He held back a limited number of them for online sale (as promised). This artwork was also used on a now classic Deftones tour print. Family first. - 40.00 plus shipping/handling

NOTE: All above items will be available for sale on WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 17th
at: 3:00 PM EASTERN (12 NOON PACIFIC) on the 'BUY' page

Jim Mazza Art, Please Welcome the Newest Sponsor

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Very happy to announce a new sponsor for the blog and that is Jim Mazza Art. Jim Mazza is an artist, Illustrator and printmaker based in Los Angeles, CA. Since 2004, Jim has been designing and hand screen-printing limited edition concert posters for a wide array of clients such as, Live Nation, AEG Live, Goldenvoice, Band of Horses, Soundgarden, Eric Church, Melvins, Juanes, Julieta Venegas and many more. Mazza has also worked outside of the gigposter world with companies like Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, Brouwerij West and New Relic Inc., to name a few. Mazza's work has been featured in such books as Gigposters Vol. 2 and Rush - The Illustrated History.

Jim has a brand new website so go over to get on his mailing list and check out all his work, it really is unique.





Emek Avett Brothers Edgefield, Oregon Poster Release Details

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This week Emek is releasing his Avett Brothers poster for Portland. To his delight, the concert happened under a full moon at Edgefield's awesome outdoor venue; one of his favorite places, with Mt. Hood glowing in the distance.

The poster is Signed, numbered, Embossed, Doodled Limited Edition Silkscreen of 100 on Pearl paper.
Size: 18" x 24"

Please visit Emek's Webstore at *click on the NEW RELEASE image to open the sale page

The BUY NOW buttons will appear sometime between 12:00pm and 12:30pm PT on Thurs. Sept. 18th 2014

Rick Kelly Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Ghostbusters Posters Artist Edition Release

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Rich Kelly will be selling his artist edition of a couple recent movie posters. First up is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles poster he did for Mondo. It is 18"x24" 7 color screen print with a signed & numbered edition of 40.

Next is an oldie but a goodie (in Rich;s opinion.) "Keymaster", part of Gallery 1988's Ghostbuster's 30th Anniversary show. He will be throwing sketches into 4 random tubes from the first week of sales of these guys. So if that sounds like something that you would like, there you go. The poster is 18 x 24 inches, signed and numbered AP edition of 100 5 color screen print.

The both go on sale Wednesday, September 17, 2014 at 1:00 PM EDT at

Cult Classic Horror Blu-Ray/DVD Covers for MGM/Fox Halloween Series

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Earlier in 2014, Skuzzles partnered with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) Studios and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment in developing artwork for 13 cult classic horror films. The DVDs and Blu-rays feature illustrated limited edition artwork created by a collective of incredible artists from all over the globe (Dan Mumford, Ghoulish Gary Pulin, Jason Edmiston, Todd Slater, Randy Ortiz, Josh Budich, Justin Osborne, Paul Shipper, Gregorz Domaradzki "Gabz", Francesco Francavilla) .

At Skuzzles, they really want to offer artists the opportunity to work on titles they're passionate about. Skuzzles try to direct and pair artists where the it seems fit, but ultimately they want the artist to have equal say in how the art is executed. The goal is to keep the end result as close to the artists original vision as possible. Having said this, here' s a little bit of feedback from the artists regarding their concepts behind the artwork:

Todd Slater: Invasion of the Body Snatchers - "What if the pod with the flower was shaped similar to a sternum in a ribcage (it's really close now) and the white tendrils expand and extend from the pod to form more of the ribs and skeleton? The background could be deep dark outer space. My thought is that *the pods are building a new you*."

Randy Ortiz: Silence of the Lambs - "...I wanted to go a more symbolic route and have it be clean and classy."

Dan Mumford: Last house on the left - "... I found the scene where Mari walks into the water to be quite haunting and probably the most pivotal moment, so i worked from that and created quite a haunting still moment based around the lake she walks into. We also have two of the murderers standing there and her necklace dangling down with the smallest hint of blood red seeping through."

Jason Edmiston: Child's Play - "For my Child's Play art, I wanted to show Chucky's maniacal character, at the pinnacle of his power. I love the black magic quality of the movie, and tried to capture the killer doll in mid-chant, surrounded by crazy voodoo lightning, He scared me when I first saw this movie as a teen, and I wanted my cover art to evoke the same feeling. Most of the Child's play art is dark, with a black background. I thought my brightly lit piece would stand out from previous iterations."

All the films can be found at your favorite retailer with the new artwork. 

Head over to to see them all.