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Primus 2014 Spring Tour Poster Series Artist Line Up

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Details from Zoltron on the new Primus Poster Series he has put together.

I remember it as if it were a meal ago…. And here we are once again, on the eve of another glorious Primus tour.

As has become customary for such an outing, I rattled some creative cages and knocked down some fancypants artdoors® and after lots of bartering, badgering and general pandering, I convinced a number of heavy-hitting artists to each design a commemorative, limited edition silkscreen poster for one of the stops along the tour.

Each performance, excluding the festivals, will have 100 (and occasionally more) hand printed posters available for purchase from the merch booth. Like every show in the past, we expect the posters to sell out quickly. Remember.. The early worm gets eaten by the bird. (And yes, poster tubes will be supplied.)

The individual posters will be unveiled the night of each show, at the gig, on the Primus facebook page and here, at

Such a multitude of masculinity (and some very welcome femininity) could only be found in one place... So in Alphabetical Order, Here are The Artists involved in the Spring 2014 Poster Series.

Brett Amory
Angry Blue
Tristan Eaton
Dave Hunter
John Pound
Reuben Rude
1000 Styles
Gary Taxali
Miles Tsang
Mark Dean Veca
David Welker
Tom Whalen
Yema Yema

Jason Abraham Smith Kadavar Detroit Poster On Sale

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Jason Abraham Smith dropped his wicked Kadavar poster for the recent show in Detroit. The poster is 18x24 2-color on Plum Punch Vivtone French Paper. It is a signed and numbered edition of 50.

I have no idea who Kadavar is so I asked Jason about the design:

I saw Kadavar live a while back and (this might sound dumb) I was mesmerized by the way their hair moved while playing. It almost put me into some sort of a trance. The drummer seemed to move his head in the exact same way the whole set, while the guitar/ vocalist moved very organically and somewhat spastic at times. It was a great show, and I thought to myself, "If I ever do a poster for Kadavar it needs to have psychedelic hair."

Buy it HERE

Tim Doyle Guitars for Pandas Coachella Print

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Tim Doyle was originally commissioned by the Coachella music festival to create  a poster at the show (Seen HERE), the art from that sold-out poster is now available as a limited edition silkscreen print!

This print, measuring 18×24 is signed and numbered by Doyle in a first edition of 150. 6 colors, hand-printed, and featuring a lush split fountain in the sky over the mountains of Indio, California- where the festival is held!

Recurring Doyle-print characters like the Panda (from Vietnam on Wheels) and the Bad Cats- Ringo and Pickles (first appearing in ‘The Camino Cats Make Their Escape‘) as well as the Penguin travelers from ‘Northbound Whale‘ all make a return here, enjoying a quiet moment in the sun.


Joey Remmers Unstable Perch Print

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Joey Remmers has released his latest print Unstable Perch at 1xRUN.

"This was actually done as a commission last year using oil on canvas. I take a couple every year and had a lot of fun with this one. Now, I should have the original study laying around here someplace. Overall I would say from start to finish it took somewhere around 20-25 hours to complete. The client I worked with was very open. They liked waterfalls and wanted red included somewhere. Once that seed was planted the rest just came to life on its own." - Joey Remmers

Buy it at

Adam Pobiak Sleepy Sun Portland Poster & Hockey Mask Print

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Adam Pobiak has a new poster for Sleepy Sun and great hockey mask print just in time for the playoffs

The Sleep Sun Portland poster details
Main edition
edition of 80?
2 colour layers (white and a black - red- black blend)
printed on Episode IV 270gsm thick brown card
signed and numbered
size = 38.7 x 59.4cm (approx 15.2 x 23.4 in)

Gold variant
edition of 5
2 colour layers (white and a black - red- black blend)
printed on 270gsm Canford Metallic Gold Card
signed and numbered
size = 38.7 x 59.4cm (approx 15.2 x 23.4 in)

Silver variant
edition of 5
2 colour layers (white and a blue - green - blue blend) 
printed on 270gsm Canford Metallic Silver Card
signed and numbered
size = 38.7 x 59.4cm (approx 15.2 x 23.4 in)

Details from Adam on the hockey mask print

Not many people know this but I used to play Ice Hockey semi-professionally, I was a goalie. When I was playing I always said when I stopped playing competitively and was banished to the beer leagues I would make a "beer-helmet" mask to play in. Well moving to the UK put a damper on that, I haven't been on the ice in over 10 years. So when the king of screen printing (and Canuck) Andy MacDougal asked me if I was interested in doing a demo print for SXSW I figured this was my chance to make that mask (if only in print form) since the only things Andy and I ever talk about is Screen printing and Ice Hockey. This was printed live on site at Flatstock SXSW 2014 by Andy Mac (Squeegeeville) , and Jonathan Rebolloso (Coronado Studio)

edition of 110
4 color layers (blue, red, metallic silver - gold blend, black)
printed on white 300gsm stock
signed and numbered
size = 33 x 51cm (approx 13 x 20 in)

Buy them both at

City and Color Pomona Poster by Brian Ewing

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Brian Ewing has a cool looking new poster for the City and Color, here are the details from Brian :

Printed using a special metallic ink combo, this print actually changes as you walk around it for an optical illusion that’s not to be missed! Check out this quick TUMBLR video to see how the print changes depending on what angle you're viewing it.

I really enjoyed doing this poster. Alexisonfire was one of my favorite bands. Every year I was on the Warped Tour I'd drop whatever I was doing to check them out. I always wanted to do something for them...and finally this is my chance. Dallas Green was what made that band for me. Made them stand out and have a longer shelf life compared to most bands running the whole "screamo" genre into the ground.

I also got to finally use this image of Carol Lombard from the movie "Supernatural". I felt that it tied in visually with the music of City and Colour. It's dark and romantic and sometimes doomed. I like bummer music. Sue me.

18"x24" Screen Print Edition of 90 Signed & Numbered

Buy it HERE in Brian's Store

Prometheus Marko Manev Poster Release From Mondo


Mondo will be releasing a new poster for the Ridley Scott movie Prometheus, done by artist Marko Manev. The poster features a great rendering of one of the Engineers/ Space Jockey . The poster will be 24"x36" screen print. Hand numbered edition of 310.

On sale Thursday at a random time at 

Someone on EB caught this. Seems Marko is a fan of Tim Bradstreet's Punisher. The original poster by Tim Bradstreet is on the left. I have reached out to Marko and waiting to hear back.

Noon Thursday UPDATE
Statement from Mondo
The PROMETHEUS poster for sale today is canceled. After we revealed the image yesterday, we were made aware that parts of that design resembled those of another image. We did not know that this was the case and now that we do, we’re pulling the poster.
We’re not down with this type of thing and truly apologize to everyone out there and thank you for letting us know that this happened. You guys are awesome and we really appreciate the heads up and support

Nir Vinograd Always Watching Tiger Print

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Nir Vinograd a new artist who calls South Florida home, has new print is titled Always Watching. It is a 22.5"x 22.5", one color screen print on archival art paper with deckled edges along the left and right sides. It will have an edition of 20. The print was printed by Chicago's Spudnik Press.

The print will go on sale this Friday, 4/25 at 1:00 pm EST at

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Emek Coachella 2014 Poster Release Details

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For their event this year, Coachella created a giant floating astronaut, and they asked Emek to make it into their official poster with no skulls... He drew the Coachella Festival as his oxygen pack, which he is bringing to Earth...

For sale this Thursday April 24, 2014

Size: 22" x 30.5"
Signed, Numbered, Embossed and Doodled.
GLOW-IN-THE-DARK and Black Light Reactive
Artist Limited Edition Silkscreen of 100.
Price: $125 + shipping

Please visit Emek's Webstore at
*click on the NEW RELEASE image to open the sale page

The BUY NOW buttons will appear sometime between
12:00pm and 12:30pm PDT on April 24, 2014

Michael Ortiz Snow Print On Sale

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‘Snow’ is the new giclee print series from the latest mixed media mural painted by Michael Ortiz at the Snowball Music Festival in Denver, CO..The edition is printed on 300g watercolor paper and are signed and numbered to 50. The size of the print is 17h”x 24w”.

Buy it at

Tim Doyle & PangeaSeed Earth Day Print Release

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PangeaSeed, in collaboration with supporting artist Tim Doyle, is pleased to announce a very special fine art print release to celebrate Earth Day 2014.

Artist: Tim Doyle
Title: The Exodus of Turtleton - Earth Day Variant
Edition Size: 100 - signed & numbered
Print Details: 5-color screen print on 100lb Cougar Cover
Dimensions: 36" x 24"

Price $50 plus shipping & handling

Link to purchase:

Established in 1969 by the United Nations, Earth Day is an annual event, celebrated on April 22, on which events are held worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection. It was first celebrated in 1970, and is now coordinated globally by the the Earth Day Network and celebrated in more than 192 countries each year.

The oceans are the life support system of our blue planet. Let's make everyday "Earth Day"!

A portion of the proceeds go to support PangeaSeed's efforts to help save our seas..

Details from PangeaSeed on their Indigogo project:

Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans is a ground-breaking street art project created by PangeaSeed to bring the beauty and the plight of the world’s oceans into streets around the globe. By collaborating with internationally renowned artists, we create large-scale murals that focus attention on pressing environmental issues the oceans are facing.

In collaboration with their friends at 1xRUN we are embarking on our biggest Sea Walls project yet. We’ve invited some of today’s biggest names in contemporary street art to join us on our first-ever Sea Walls expedition. The artists include Meggs, Hannah Stouffer, Curiot, Nosego, Celeste Byers, Tristan Eaton, Shark Toof, Aaron Glasson, Vexta, Cinzah Merkens, Tatiana Suarez, Saner and Spencer Keeton Cunningham.

The mission of the expedition is to offer these artists the opportunity to swim with and study endangered whale sharks and oceanic manta rays off the coast of the island of Isla Mujeres, Mexico from July 20-28, 2014. Inspired by their interactions with these majestic giants in the wild, the artists will create a series of large-scale public murals on the island to help educate and raise greatly needed awareness within the local and tourist communities for the plight of these animals and the oceans. The murals will also highlight the benefits of ecotourism and long-term sustainability of natural resources.

Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans is a new approach to ocean conservation, marrying art and activism. The Sea Walls expedition will make a large impact and gain global media attention – with your help.
For more information and to support this project, please visit our Indiegogo campaign - click, connect and contribute:

Galerie F at Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo C2E2

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Galerie F will be at C2E2 this weekend with a load of amazing artists and brand new art prints. All works will go live on the GF webstore on Monday April 28th.

And here are some details for ya -

Galerie F is excited to host their first booth in the Block at Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo. This jam packed three day affair starts Friday April 25th and runs through Sunday April 27th at the McCormick Center.

All weekend long they will be having artists meet and greets at the GF booth, some folks have flown across the country just to be here! Artists will be signing works and chatting up according to the schedule below.

They have asked a dozen artists and designers, some new and some old to the Galerie F roster, to create brand new exclusive art prints for this event. Here’s a sneak peek at a few prints that will be available. Not able to attend the event? Not a worry, all prints remaining will go live on the Galerie F webstore on Monday April 28th 2014.


Friday April 25th
BLUNT GRAFFIX 12pm to 2pm
ANDREW GHRIST 2pm to 4pm

Saturday April 26th
JP Valderrama 10am to 12pm
EPYON5 2pm to 4pm

Sunday April 27th
CLINTON RENO 10am to 12pm

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

1xRUN Presents Pangea Seed - Sea Walls Archive Access


Under the Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans umbrella, PangeaSeed in close collaboration with 1xRUN, is pleased to announce the inaugural Sea Walls Expeditions invitational. The expedition is scheduled to take place July 20 – 27, 2014 in Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

For this pioneering project, they are collaborating with a select group of internationally renowned contemporary artists, including Tatiana Suarez, Meggs, Tristan Eaton, Hannah Stouffer, Shark Toof, Curiot, Nosego, Vexta, Aaron Glasson, Saner, Celeste Byers and Cinzah Merkens. 1xRUN and PangeaSeed will offer these artists the opportunity to swim and study whale sharks and oceanic manta rays and experience these majestic giants in their natural environment. The experience will help to develop a direct connection in order to complete the next component of the project.

 PangeaSeed has opened their archives for this sale just about every print they have released, remaining original art and toys will be for sale.

Josh Keyes, Tim Doyle, Rhys Cooper, Ken Taylor, Brad Klausen, Jeff Soto and many more.

Sale starts at 3pm EST today at

Ian Millard Earth Day 2014 Tree Print

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It's time for Ian Millard's 2014 Earth Day Tree prints! Each of the prints in the edition of 40 were created using hand cut stencils and spraypaint on 22"x10" Sonehenge artist paper. The mountains in the background are unique for each print. Each hand stenciled piece is signed, numbered and comes with a COA. The white paper edition of 40 will cost $50 (shipped anywhere) and will go on sale at On Earth Day April 22nd at 10am MST USA.

There will be some variants (canvas, gold & Silver foil paper) available at the end of the week at

Andy Hau Semper Fortis Semper Fidelis Print Release

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Bottleneck Gallery have a new release in their store from UK artist, Andy Hau. Everyday Bottleneck receives emails in regards to Andy's last sold out print, "Carpe Diem Carpe Noctem", and they thought it would be fitting to followup with this beautiful print.

Each glow in the dark screen print is 18 x 24 inches, numbered out of a 100, $40 and can be purchased here:

Unmasked Secret Identities and Hidden Desires Custom Vinyl Toy Show - Bottleneck Gallery

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Unmasked - Secret Identities and Hidden Desires - Custom Vinyl Toy Show - Bottleneck Gallery - Brooklyn, NYC

On Friday Matt Eller (The blogs boots on the ground in New York) stopped by Bottleneck Gallery to check out the opening of their newest show.  "Unmasked" featured upwards of 50 different custom vinyl toys from a  plethora of up and coming toy designers. 

Matt was pleasantly surprised to find some truly original pieces at great price points.

The show will be on display until April 27th, so if your in Williamsburg Brooklyn before then stop by and get your vinyl toy fix .

 All the remaining pieces are on sale now:

Bottleneck Gallery - 60 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Author: Matthew A. Eller
All Photos & Text Copyright Matthew A. Eller 2014
Twitter: @ellerlawfirm

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Neal Williams Graveyard Las Vegas Poster Release Details

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Neal Williams will have a new Graveyard poster going up for sale on Wednesday morning at 10:00 AM PST

I asked Neal about the design

 When I was asked to do the Las Vegas show, I remembered there is a place in Las Vegas called the boneyard where old signs and stuff go when they're retired. The connection between that and a graveyard seemed obvious, so I extended the idea to a dystopian landscape where nothing thrives. Some kind of massive dead scorpion corpse lies in front of part of the Statue of Liberty replica that is a known landmark at the New York - New York casino. Letters from old Las Vegas signage spell out the band name. I had a particularly bad time in Las Vegas the one time I went, so it wasn't difficult to picture it as a wasteland.

Graveyard at Vinyl in Las Vegas, NV - 16" x 24" - Four colors on 100 lb. French Cement Green - Signed and numbered edition of 120. $25

Buy it at

Escape From New York GABZ Movie Poster

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Next week Grey Matter Art is going to make a lot of people very happy with the first ever official licensed John Carpenter "Escape from New York" Poster. They are really excited about this project since they were lucky to be able to work with another one of their favorite artists, Grzegorz Domaradzki or A.K.A. Gabz to most.

The poster is a 24x36, 6 color screen print (Variant has 5 colors) but for right now you can only see the teaser image above. The full reveal will be April 29 so watch out Snake Plissken is coming for you.

Here is what GABZ had to say about the poster:

“When Mike Gregory, co-founder of Grey Matter Art offered me an opportunity to work on John Carpenter’s “Escape from New York” I didn't hesitate much. My main intention was to deliver something a little bit different from what I’ve been known for until now… something less character based more focused on the movie’s atmosphere, and true to the original poster artwork. Being a fan of the original and iconic poster, my print also has post-apocalyptic streets of New York City, gang members, and the majestic Statue of Liberty (or what was left from it) dominating the skyline. Except Snake Plissken, in my version is all by himself: tired, hurt, on the run and fighting against all odds. Perceptive viewers should also notice Snake’s plane crossing the red walls of the New York City prison and the bottom grid which is intended to be a tribute to visual effects used in the movie”.

Lars Krause Nick Waterhouse, DYSE & More New Posters

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Lars Krause has a bunch of new posters up for sale for groups like Nick Waterhouse, Scooter Scrapes of Tape and others.

Check them out at

DKNG Studios Ecto-1 Ghostbusters Print Release Details

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Gallery1988 has a traveling art show celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Ghostbusters movie. On Monday they will be releasing DKNG Studios Ecto 1 print at 5 PM EST.

The show will be in New York until April 26 then in Los Angeles, Chicago and the San Diego Comic Con.

Buy the poster and see the full schedule of the Ghostbusters art show at