Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Dumbgun My Morning Jacket Las Vegas Poster

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Dumbgun did the  My Morning Jacket poster for their 2 night set of  Las Vegas shows over the past weekend. The white version was the public sale version, and the red one was for VIP attendees only and not for sale.

Derek from Dumbgun talks design:
This idea was inspired by the venue for the shows, The Brooklyn Bowl. The fact that there is a bowling alley right next to the concert area makes this an interesting venue. Drawing from the bowling alley, and Vegas itself, the idea came to mind to do a retro/vintage matchbook design. There have been some pretty elaborate matchbooks in the past which would allow for some really cool art to be done. The matches could look like pins. Imagine the matchbook open to the inside where you see the matches and the striking surface. This is what the poster would look like.
The poster is 12×24, 4-color, screen printed poster. Limited run of 143.

Buy it at Dumbgun.com

Jeral Tidwell Bali Skull & Junk Yard Skull Prints On Sale

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Jeral Tidwell's infamous BALI SKULL print has finally reached it's ultimate form. This is it people, Jeral totally lost his mind this time. The original print was only 3 colors, he was never quite happy with it and knew he would revisit it some day... Now, that day has come.

 These are screen printed with all water based inks on heavy weight, acid-free paper, and measure 18.5x25 inches. Each print is signed and numbered as part of a 100 print edition. This sets a new mark in Jeral's printing career as his first 8 color screen print that he actually printed himself.

Jeral also has his latest art print, made right alongside the Bali Skull prints... He was apparently on a roll. This is his answer to the zillions of emails he receives from you all asking for trees, skulls, and automotive art... so he listened to give you the demented art trifecta!

These are screen printed with all water based inks on heavy weight, acid-free paper, and measure 11x25 inches. Each print is signed and numbered as part of a 100 print edition, hand made by yours truly.

Buy them at HumanTree.com

Designed By Monkeys Conor Oberst & Titus Andronicus Posters On Sale

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 Designed by Monkeys is run my Michael Houghton and he has a couple of new posters he just released.

His new poster for Conor Oberst, M. Ward, and The Felice Brothers at the Phoenix Theater, Petaluma, California.

Mike talks design:
I’ve had this idea – the gramophone tank – for several years now. It’s a play on the Neutral Milk Hotel gramophone plane. I really wanted to draw it, and it had really just floated to the front of my creative line. This poster seemed like a really good fit with that idea, for another great show happening at The Phoenix.
All original illustration, including much of the custom type. The is 16 x 22-½ inch paper, 2 color screen print in black and metallic ink, numbered and signed.

Next is his poster for Titus Andronicus at the Phoenix Theater.

Mike on his idea for the poster:
Titus Andronicus’s new album, “The Most Lamentable Tragedy” is a pretty amazing, sprawling rock opera about mental health and depression. This is my symbolic take on the struggle with forces in your own brain – that there’s just this immense, immeasurable part of yourself underneath the surface, and that sometimes you’re a tiny boat on the surface, just riding out the storm. I wanted this Elder God to look like he was sad, lonely, and like he had just be trudging forever, and clearly thinking he always would be.It’s also, of course, a nod to Terry Gilliam’s “Time Bandits”. And a great big experiment for me in what can be done with mixing colors in screen printing, with semi-transparent inks and halftones.
 The poster is 17 x 24 inches, 4 color screen print, numbered and signed edition of 50.

Hit up his Etsy shop to buy the posters  https://www.etsy.com/shop/DesignedByMonkeys

Dracula, Turtles, Spongebob & More MondoCon Wave 3 Poster Release

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Mondo is releasing the second batch of posters from MondoCon this week. Bunch of good ones in this wave.

Dracula posters by Jonathan Burton. 24"x36" screen print. Hand numbered.

TMNT posters by Ciro Nieli. 24"x18" screen print. Hand numbered.

The Fly by Johnny Dombrowski. 24"x36" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 265.

Mulholland Drive by Kevin Tong. 24"x36" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 300.

 Spongebob Squarepants posters by Tom Whalen. 18"x24" screen print. Hand numbered.

All of these posters will be on sale at random time on Tuesday at Mondotees.com

Monday, October 12, 2015

Munk One Tame Impala Philadelphia Poster Release

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Munk One has a new poster for the band Tame Impala coming to the store soon! This print will be available as a gold toned foil variant as well.

Official TAME IMPALA Art Print by Artist Munk One from the October 5th show at the Philadelphia Tower Theatre

6 Color Screen Print measuring 18 ” x 24” on White Stock
S/N AP Very Limited Edition of 50 Signed and Numbered by Artist Munk One

Official TAME IMPALA Gold Variant Poster from the October 5th show at the Philadelphia Tower Theatre

6 Color Screen Print, 18 ” x 24” on Gold Tone Foil Stock
S/N AP Very Limited Edition of 10 Signed and Numbered by Artist Munk One

Release Date Tuesday, October 13th, 2015 at 9:30 am PDT www.Invisible-Industries.com

Dave Perillo Richie Ashburn Baseball Hall of Fame Poster Release Details

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Galerie F is very excited to present the next installment in their officially licensed print series with the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, this one features Richie Ashburn. Their silkscreen art prints of famous players from the Hall and potential inductees, each release is designed by a different artist and comes with a holographic authentication sticker on each print. The artists have creative freedom over the content and style of each print and this release showcases the huge creative talents of Dave Perillo a native of Philadelphia. Check it out for a slice of nostalgia.

 The poster is a 2 color silkscreen, limited edition of 90, 18x24 on 100lb Cougar Natural paper.

 Dave Perillo's Richie Ashburn Baseball Hall of Fame poster will be available Monday October 12th at noon CST at GalerieF.com

Jay Ryan My Morning Jacket Boise Poster On Sale

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What was once lost, was found before the show. These posters almost did not get to the My Morning Jacket show in Boise, ID on time according to Jay Ryan. But they were found and arrived in time. Now you can get your own if you were not at the show. The poster is 18 x 24 inches. Four screens (CMYK) on French Speckletone cover stock.
Signed and numbered edition of 160.

Buy it at TheBirdMachine.com

Friday, October 9, 2015

Nicolas Delort Universal Classic Monsters Poster Set Release From Dark Hall Mansion

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Dark Hall Mansion is exceptionally proud to release its officially licensed "Universal Classic Monsters" limited edition 7-print set by leading contemporary artist, Nicolas Delort, and on sale Tuesday, October 13th.

Dark Hall Mansion, under license from Universal Studios Licensing LLC, will release artist Nicolas Delort's striking take on each of the original 7 classic Universal Monsters that shaped and defined vintage horror movies. Each of Nicolas' unique pieces interprets each Universal Monster in an elegant manner that not only interprets the legacy of each film but seeks to bring Nicolas' considerable skills to bear, refining and distilling all per his personal vision and sensibility. His "Mummy's" exquisite detailing is simply something to behold, his "Frankenstein" not only renders the film's powerful arc and tragedy in full but addresses the very act of creation itself. His "Dracula" is all mood and atmosphere, his "Wolf Man" quite terrorizing in its transition, and Nicolas' "Invisible Man" a reflective meditation on man's intrusions. Finally Nicolas' arresting "Creature from the Black Lagoon," in a word, elevates; an extraordinary piece that is very much more than it appears at first glance, gorgeous and emotionally resonant, woman as divine. And what to say of Nicolas' beautiful and ethereal "Bride of Frankenstein," where despite having Elsa Lanchester's likeness available to him, his personal vision for the Bride insisted it be something else altogether, in so doing, raising the piece to that of lyrical and poetic.

Each individual print in DHM's Nicolas Delort 7-print set measures 18" x 24," is hand numbered, and screen printed. The Standard edition set is printed per Nicolas' hand crafted B&W approach while his Variant's hue is richly toned and deliberately vintage in feel. There is also a very limited foil edition based on either the Standard or Variant colorway, plus the most select series, only 10 editions, a complete run of all 7 of Nicolas's "Universal Classic Monsters" pieces individually screened on wood.

All officially licensed Nicolas Delort "Universal Classic Monsters" limited 7-print editions go on sale this coming TUESDAY, Oct 13, at 9:30 AM PST on their dedicated store page here: http://www.darkhallmansionstore.com

Nicolas Delort "Universal Classic Monsters" 7-print Standard edition of 295: $350
Nicolas Delort "Universal Classic Monsters" 7-print Variant edition of 125: $450
Nicolas Delort "Universal Classic Monsters" 7-print Select Foil edition of 10 (based on Std edition colorway): $575
Nicolas Delort "Universal Classic Monsters" 7-print Select Foil edition of 10 (based on Variant edition colorway): $575
Nicolas Delort "Universal Classic Monsters" 7-print Select Wood edition of 10 (based on Standard edition colorway): $1250

No posters will be sold individually, the only way to buy them is in the set.

Jermaine Rogers Foo Fighters Oklahoma City & Atlanta Poster Release and Candy Man Print

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The Foo Fighters commissioned Jermaine Rogers to create the official poster for their recent appearance in Oklahoma City, OK. Measuring approx. 30x22 inches, it is screen printed on a lovely Pearl-finish gallery stock. The image is full of tributes: to Dave Grohl, to his amazing band, and also to another band which Dave has mentioned as a huge personal influence (and a favorite band of Jermaine's, as well), the band Rush.

About the imagery, Jermaine says:

'This entire Foo tour seems to be about worshiping at the altar of rock-and-roll. Worshiping the gods of the music. It's no surprise that Dave Grohl really gets the need for his fans to have access and interaction. He attempts to make real 'contact'...at least as much as is reasonable. The artwork for this print was done in that spirit. Grohl understands 'fans' of the rock-and-roll religion, because he is one himself. There's a lot of grace, in that. 'Grace under pressure'. (see what I did there?) - jr

From a signed and numbered edition of only 100 prints. - 50.00 plus shipping/insurance

- FOO FIGHTERS (OKC) 'SPIRIT OF RADIO' Variant (Antique Gold-Dust) -
Measuring approx. 30x22 inches, the 'Spirit of Radio' variant is screen printed on Antique Gold-Dust stock.
From a signed and numbered edition of only 30 prints. - 80.00 plus shipping/insurance

Measuring approx. 30x22 inches, the 'Permanent Waves' variant is screen printed on Holographic LAVA FOIL.
From a signed and numbered edition of only 30 prints. - 100.00 plus shipping/insurance

Jermaine Rogers was asked to create the official poster for the Foo's recent appearance in Atlanta, Georgia. Measuring approx. 30x21 inches, it is screen printed on French Speckletone White gallery stock with rich inks, including a gold metallic!

Regarding the imagery, Jermaine says:

'So, yea...there's heavy stuff going on down in the woods, again. Everyone has a price, everyone has a vice.'

From a signed and numbered edition of only 100 prints. - 60.00 plus shipping/insurance

- FOO FIGHTERS (ATLANTA) 'Sunshine' Edition -
Measuring approx. 30x21 inches, this piece is screen printed on French Lemon Yellow gallery stock.
From a signed and numbered edition of only 10 prints. - 80.00 plus shipping/insurance

Measuring approx. 30x21 inches, this piece is screen printed on Sparkle Foil stock.
From a signed and numbered edition of only 30 prints. - 100.00 plus shipping/insurance

'The Candyman' Print -
Used on the final print of the Wonka-themed 'Primus & The Chocolate Factory' tour, this striking artwork is also finally made available as a very limited art print. This piece measures 22x18 inches and is printed on gallery white stock.

Regarding the imagery, Jermaine says: 'It speaks for itself. Live suspiciously.'

This print is from a signed and numbered edition of only 50 pieces. - 60.00 plus shipping/insurance

The Candyman' Art Print (LAVA FOIL Edition) -
This piece measures 24x18 inches and is printed on holographic Lava Foil stock.
This print is from a signed and numbered edition of only 30 pieces. - 100.00 plus shipping/insurance

All of the above items will be available Friday, October 9th 2015 at 3:00 PM EASTERN on JermaineRogers.com

Tim Doyle The Emperors of the North Watch the Clock Print

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The newest print in the ongoing ‘Sea Also Rises’ series by artist Tim Doyle is up for sale in the Nakatomi store!

The Sea Also Rises- The Emperors of the North Watch the Clock Print

Originally commissioned by PangeaSeed in Hawaii, Nakatomi is releasing artist’s copies from the original run of just 150 copies!

This 7-color hand-printed silkscreen poster measures 16×36 and is printed on Classic Crest White paper.

“This print is a continuation of my ‘The Sea Also Rises’ series of prints, as I’m expanding the scope of the human/ nature interaction I normally portray in an urban environment into the Arctic. (And yes, I know there are no penguins in the arctic…they’re also not normally 80 feet tall, either.) The idea of rising sea levels, and the animals of the sea (mythic or otherwise) coming into areas they aren’t normally seen is fascinating to me. This weird, visual story I’m slowly telling across these prints of giant gods and monsters of the deep coming into the world of man as a result of our environmental decay, is by far my favorite personal project, and I’m always happy to have PangeaSeed supporting it, while I help support them!”-Tim Doyle

Prints are in hand and ready for immediate shipment buy it HERE.

Justin Hampton The Insatiable House On The Hill Print

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It's not often you get a piece of work from Justin Hampton that is not a gig poster but Halloween helps bring out the creepy creative side of artists. In the spirit of the month of Halloween Justin is happy to present this is full color giclee print titled The Insatiable House on the Hill. These are lush, beautiful prints on 100 lb archival cotton rag paper measuring 19"x20" in a very limited signed and numbered edition of only 31 copies. 

Head to JustinHampton.com to get some....

Elvisdead Evil Dead 2 & The Invisible Man Posters Release From Mondo

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On Thursday, Mondo will have two all new posters by Elvisdead: Evil Dead 2 - featuring the great Bruce Campbell as Evil Ash - and The Invisible Man. The Mondo crew are huge fans of the mood and tension that Elvisdead are able to capture in their art and this one might be their favorite yet.

The Invisible Man by Elvisdead. 24"x36" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 225.
(Variant) by Elvisdead. 24"x36" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 125.

Evil Dead 2 by Elvisdead. 24"x36" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 225.
(Variant) by Elvisdead. 24"x36" screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 100.

On sale at random time Thursday at Mondotees.com

Jeff Troldahl Warren Haynes Ashes & Dust Tour Posters


Jeff Troldahl has put his Warren Haynes Ashes & Dust tour posters up for sale. The posters cover tour dates in August & September of this year.

Warren Haynes Ashes & Dust Tour August  Dates 2015
Lunar Owl
5 Color
Cougar White 100# cover . 
Run Of 200

Warren Haynes Ashes & Dust Tour September Dates 2015
Space Blowout
Epic black 100# cover
5 Color (1 Metallic)
Run Of 200

Signed & Numbered Artist Proofs Available at www.JeffsArt.com

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Ivan Minsloff Foo Fighters Poster Nashville Release

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Ivan Minsloff has his scary monsters Foo Fighters Nashville poster on sale right now. These are his artist edition signed & numbered edition of 50 posters that are 24 x 18 screen prints.

I asked Ivan about his design ideas for this and his other one :
Real quick idea behind the two recent Foo prints:
Since the Arizona print was inspired by Japanese Bullmark model toys (Ultraman, etc...) for Nashville I decided to continue the theme but with a more American vibe;  retro model cars (Ed Roth, etc)...

Head over to his Etsy Shop HERE to get one.

Hero Complex Gallery NYCC Releases & Giveaways Tyler Stout Cast/Crew/Handbills & More

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Marvel and Disney gave Hero Complex Gallery a few precious exclusive TYLER STOUT CAST & CREW VARIANTS, HANDBILLS and UNCUT HANDBILL SHEETS to giveaway to NYCC attendees...and to not be left out, they will ALSO be giving some away to ONLINE FANS too!


1. NYCC ATTENDEES: Every item purchased at their BOOTH #236 will gain you one entry into the giveaway and YOU CAN WIN MORE THAN ONE TIME. Buy 5 items get 5 entries. They'll be ANNOUNCING WINNERS DAILY AT 6PM.

2. ONLINE FANS: Follow HCG NEWSLETTER, on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and TWITTER and post something about visiting their booth with #HCGatNYCC and you can win too! ANNOUNCING WINNERS DAILY.

Plus lots of new print releases and other surprises are in store daily from Hero Complex Gallery. 

Artist Signings every day

Thursday, October 8th Signings
10a-1p - Craig Drake, AJ Frena, Paul Shipper, Kevin Wilson
1-4p - Peter Breese, Robert Bruno, Brian Roll, Guy Stauber

Friday, October 9th Signings
10a-1p - Craig Drake, Glen Brogan
1-4p - Robert Bruno, Paul Shipper, Kevin Wilson, John Aslarona

Saturday, October 10th Signings
10a-1p - Craig Drake, AJ Frena, Glen Brogan, Marko Manev
1-4p - JP Valderrama, Marinko Milosevski, Nick Comparone, Jason Liwag

Sunday, October 11th Signings
10-1 - K. Wilson, P. Shipper, Robert Bruno, Guy Stauber

Angryblue Foo Fighters Memphis Poster Release

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On Thursday Angryblue will be releasing his second Foo Fighters poster for this tour. It is an 18x24 7 color screenprint. It will be an artist edition signed & numbered of 100.

Buy it at AngryBlue.com

New Prints By Justin Santora

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Justin Santora has been around the world and I I I shouldn't try singing and doing blog posts at the same time. But Justin has been all over doing the poster shows and festivals this summer and now that he is back in Chicago he has a couple of new prints for sale, Salmon Run and An Informal Certainty

An Informal Certainty
Four color screen print on bright white Cougar cover. 18x24", signed/numbered edition of 60.

Salmon Run
Three color screen print on natural Cougar cover. 24x12", signed/numbered edition of 60.

Buy them at www.JustinSantora.com

Godmachine, David Welker & Rhys Cooper Prints For New York Comic Con

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New York Comic Con continues to grow with art. Bottleneck Gallery will be at booth #2171 with a bunch of new releases. David Welker's Life Aquatic Artist Edition posters will be released. Along with Anna Witt's Dragon print.

Godmachine will have a new print release featuring Batman and I dont remember which graphic novel this Devil Batman is from.

Rhys Cooper has a sexy as hell Harley Quinn poster for sale as well.

For the last two years, Bottleneck have also made Comic Con accessible to people who cannot attend and they will continue to do it this year. Anything still available will be put on sale Saturday, October 10th at 12pm eastern on Bottleneck Gallery while they are at NYCC.
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