Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Rob Loukotka Blues Brothers Luxury Metallic Variant Print

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Rob Loukotka has released a 'Luxury Metallic Variant' of his Blues Brothers poster, titled 'We're On A Mission From God'.

Rob made some tweaks to the design that reverse the blue and red look, with a METALLIC overlay across both colors. This Luxury Metallic Variant of the Blues Brothers print will be sold exclusively in the Fringe Focus store, and has a limited edition of 175. The reds and blues are shiny/sparkly, and this should look pretty great up on a wall.

It's a 3 color screen print, with a metallic overlay on the red & blue.
36" x 12"
Signed & Numbered Edition of 175

Buy it at

Kyler Sharp Ufomammut Houston Poster

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Even after all the horrible storms in Houston Texas it was not enough to keep a couple of the guys from Malleus and their band Ufomammut from playing at Walter's last night.

Kyler Sharp did the poster and it is a 18 x 24 3-color screen print with a signed & numbered edition of 50.

On sale at random time Wednesday at

Make Cancer A No Brainer Auction-Help In The Fight Against Brain Tumors

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Brad Mastrine has been around the poster & music world a long time. Many of you know him but don't his story. Please take the time to read this:

My wife Mindy was diagnosed with 2 brain tumors in August 2012, weeks before her 40th birthday. No warning signs - just woke up to her having a grand mal seizure at 4am. Again, no warning signs, no history - totally out of the blue. Two craniotomies and 17 months of chemo later and she's doing well. Thank God! But the tumors will come back... The good news is that we're in a lull - our new normal for awhile. But as a husband and father, I can't idly sit waiting for the MRI scans to show growth. I was shocked at how little funding brain tumor research receives each year even though it’s the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in children under age 20 and in males ages 20-39.

So I tapped my music friends and colleagues and have put together a pretty impressive auction IMHO and named it Make Cancer a No Brainer. And I need help spreading the word socially.
Some highlights:
-Phish Spusta 2010 signed by Marq and Phish
-Panic en la Playa gold uncut variant by Jeff Wood
-Coachella '14 sunset foil from Emek

Pair of tickets to:
-Miami: Phish 1/3/15
-Denver: Pearl Jam, Usher, Fleetwood Mac, Black Keys, Widespread Panic (3-day passes), String Cheese NYE VIPs, STS9 NYE, The Motet Halloween
-Las Vegas: KISS, Shania Twain

-Keith Urban signed guitar
-Preservation Hall Jazz Band signed tambourine
-J Mascis Fender Jazzmaster with signed poster
-PRS Guitar SE Mikael Akerfeldt SE electric guitar & case
and other signed posters and merch from My Morning Jacket, The Decemberists, Drive-By Truckers, Alabama Shakes and a bunch of others.

So please take a look at the auction, bid if you like, forward to others who may be interested. Brad collected a wide variety of items to appeal to a broad audience.

Support the Make Cancer a No Brainer auction to benefit brain tumor research.

Tickets: Wilco, Dave Matthews Band, Ryan Adams, Avett Brothers, Imagine Dragons, The Dead

Signed posters and merchandise: Pearl Jam, Phish, String Cheese Incident, Keith Urban, Florida Georgia Line, Galactic, Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, The Decemberists and more.

See all the auction items HERE

Steven Daily Disorder Print On Wood

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Steven Daily has a new piece of work titled "Disorder". This fine art print is now available at

It measures 8 x 12 in. (20.32 x 30.48 cm)
Limited edition of 20 fine art wood print on 1/2" sustainable Birch, Bright White finish. The notch on the back makes these all ready to hang, which is nice no framing is needed.

Hand signed and numbered by Steven Daily.

Influenced by his interest in the Illuminati and secret societies Steven Daily created this fine art piece titled "Disorder".

Robert Bowen Fragile Nature Print

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Robert Bowen just released this new 22x17 Fragile Nature print. Limited edition to 50 and $50. Heres a bit about it and the link to it on his site.
"One of my latest paintings, Fragile Nature, is sort of a dual conversation about the delicate set of checks and balances that can keep an Eco System in line. Even though Dr. Ian Malcolm believes “life finds a way” that doesn’t mean a hell of a lot of damage cant be done if nature isn’t handled with the delicacy and respect we seem to be taking for granted all to often. Its also a direct statement about the declining population of bees world wide, and how if this problem continues on the path its already one, its going to blow up in our faces."
Fragile Nature is available as a 22×17 limited edition print at

Christina Inkster Siren Prints Release

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Artist Christina Inkster aka ‘I AM INKSTER’ announced the release of her A3 print: ‘Siren’ the first in her series of 'Mythological Creatures' which will be available to purchase at a random time (GMT) on Saturday May 30th on her website:
The story behind the design of the print is based on the Greek mythological creatures called 'Sirens' (also known as mermaids).

Sirens are twisted seductresses that lure sailors into the water with their beauty and then proceed to kill them.

This print shows the juxtaposition of these creatures characters in relation to how they are perceived; what you see is not always what you get...

A3 Giclee print on 250gsm matte paper.

This is a limited edition pressing, hand numbered and signed by I AM INKSTER:

Regular: Edition of 200 at £30 each.
Variant: Edition of 100 at £50 each.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Ken Taylor Pixies New York Poster

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Ken Taylor is a big fan of the Pixies so when he got the chance to do another one for them he was stoked. The Pixies are in New York for 3 shows, 2 at the Beacon Theatre and one at the Kings Theatre in Brooklyn. Ken did the poster that covers all 3 shows. It is 18 x 24 inches, 5 color silkscreen with metallic inks. It will be on sale at all the shows and an artist edition later.

Doe Eyed Design Primus Cleveland Poster On Sale

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Eric Nyffeler of Doe Eyed Design released his new Primus and the Chocolate Factory Cleveland, OH artist edition posters. The regular blue/red show edition (250 total, less than 50 on his site) will be available for $35 and a run of 25 copies of the green/orange/purple version will available for $70. They're both 18" x 24" and five screens.

Eric on the conception of the poster:
When I heard that Primus was touring on the soundtrack for the classic Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, I immediately knew that I needed to make a poster based on the terrifyingly tripped out boat scene. Hopefully my poster captures the candy-coated psychedelic vibes of both Primus and the film
Buy them at

Dan Mumford The Fall of Jabba & Predator Prints Artist Edition Release

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Dan Mumford will have 2 new prints he will be releasing through his online store on Wednesday the 27th May at 4pm (UK) / 11am (EST) .

The first of which titled ’The Fall of Jabba’  is an officially licensed Star Wars piece depicting Jabba the Hutt’s defeat in 'Return of the Jedi'. AP edition of 25, 4 colors including metallic Gold, 24” x 18” signed, embossed and numbered, and priced at £45 gbp. Originally released through Dark Ink Art.

The second print is an officially licensed piece based on Predator, and simply titled ‘Predator’. The metallic version is an AP edition of 10, 4 colors including metallic silver, 12” x 24”, signed embossed and numbered, and priced at £45 gbp. The blue variant is the same details, but only an AP edition of 5. Both originally released through Dark Ink Art.

All prints will be available from on Wednesday the 27th May at 4pm (UK) / 11am (EST) .

Victo Ngai Solaris Movie Poster

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Black Dragon Press are delighted to announce the release of the first installment in a series of licensed alternative movie posters celebrating the work of cult director Andrei Tarkovsky, Victo Ngai’s SOLARIS.

Art directed by Nicolas Delort, these illustrations beautifully capture the sense of awe and beauty in Tarkovsky’s work, and they’re very excited to offer these to you.

 "Solaris by Tarkovsky is an absolutely stunning and haunting movie. It was a really fun challenge to capture its eerie beauty and the openness of the story. I am very thankful to James Park of Black Dragon Press and AD Nico Delort who have put so much faith in me. Being able to approach the project with my own interpretations of the film definitely makes the posters extra special to me." - Victo Ngai

SOLARIS (regular) by Victo Ngai
6-color hand-pulled screen print.
Size: 18”x24”.
270gsm Mohawk Superfine Ultrawhite Eggshell.
Hand numbered. Edition of 150.

SOLARIS (variant)
 6-colour hand-pulled screen print with gold and blue metallic inks.
Size: 18”x24”.
270gsm Mohawk Superfine Ultrawhite Eggshell.
Hand numbered. Edition of 75.

Buy them at

Vasco Valentim Umberto & Antoni Maiovvi Tour Poster

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Vasco Valentim just released a new print for the European Tour of Umberto and Antoni Maiovvi!

Vascon on the design of the posters:
Their music is quite eerie, based and inspired in horror films, mainly from the 70s and 80s (think John Carpenter). A death nature in which raven eats the inside of a vampire skull is what I used to illustrate this chilling world.

The posters are printed with a metallic gold ink on black paper.

There are still some posters available here:

Billy Sours Design Posters

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New artist by the name of Billy Sours contacted me and he has some cool looking posters.

I asked him about a couple of the posters:
For the Hotelier poster I knew I wanted to do something hand drawn. Their music is a little bit more emotional than some of the other bands I've done posters for, so I thought a hand done illustration would fit best. The title of the band's most recent album, "Home Like No Place Is There," gave me the idea to play off of the saying, "home is where the heart is." This was translated through the window and the silhouette of the man in the heart.

For the You Blew It! poster I wanted to reference their song "The Fifties" and use some type of vintage imagery. I chose an old jukebox for the subject matter and decided to go with a cleaner look with some texture. I made sure to incorporate the other bands into the art by placing their names inside the buttons of the jukebox instead of just throwing their names in small type on the bottom of the poster (which I regretfully tend to do). I also made sure to reference Richmond, VA (RVA) in the poster somehow and decided to make them the "manufacturer" of the jukebox.

Check out his website and other work

Posters he has for sale at

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Ian Williams Pixies Boston Calling Music Festival Poster

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The Pixies are on tour once again and they are playing the Boston Calling Music Festival today and Ian Williams did the poster.

I asked him about the design:

I've been so lucky to be able to make a couple of posters for one of my favorite bands, The Pixies. Especially this one for a hometown show. I like to bring in an element of the city into the posters that I make and for this one I focused on the George Washington statue in the Boston Public Garden. I think it's such a cool statue the way that it's composed with the horse trotting above the viewer. I've been wanting to merge aspects of my painting with the boldness of poster graphics and so I created the tear which exposes this painting underneath it. The merge of the two different approaches for me simulates the band's music which encompasses many different styles molded into a cohesive sound. It was a ton of fun to make this and hope the fans enjoy it.

Poster will be on sale at the show and artist edition later on. 

Friday, May 22, 2015

Printed Matters Shepard Fairey Show Preview Pictures

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Prints on Metal

Prints on Metal shot in Monochrome to show detail

Large Scale HPM's

Small HPM's

Library Street Collective will play host to the opening of Printed Matters, a solo exhibition featuring the work of Shepard Fairey Friday night in Detroit.  There will be serigraphs on paper, editions on wood, editions on metal, and fine art collage. Large scale Hand Painted Multiples (HPM's) as well as small ones are included in the show. The large ones are 3'x3' and look incredible in person. My apologizes for the quality of some of the pictures, my Speedlite decided to stop working on me. Enjoy the preview pictures.

Matt Eaton and Anthony Curtis of LSC really have put a lot of work into this show and Obey Giant fans will really enjoy it. 

Opening Reception:
Friday, May 22nd, 2015 from 6PM — 10PM EDT

Library Street Collective 1260 Library Street, Detroit, Michigan and will be on view from May 22nd –August 15th, 2015

Shepard Fairey Peace and Justice Lotus Mural Wrap Up & Wheat Paste Poster Pictures

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Look on the left, a fellow graffiti artist who shale remain nameless

Peace and Justice Lotus mural by Shepard Fairey & the Obey Giant crew is now done and official the largest mural he has done. The mural was completed one day before the opening of the Printed Matters show at Library Street Collective in Detroit on Friday.

It also seems they did not stop working as wheat paste poster murals and the Obey Giant Icon began to be discovered around the city. It was great seeing a lot of the old school images out in the wild. The water Icon is a massive 15 feet high.