Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Todd Slater Ring of Fire & Cthulhu Prints

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Todd Slater released some more prints online that he released last month at MondoCon.

The creature featured in the print is Todd's imagining of the H.P. Lovecraft character Cthulhu.  Metallica has an real affinity for Lovecraftian horror and the imagery ended up being a fit.  Says Todd "This one in particular felt like my best work in blending the hard edged style I'm known for with a stippled effect I've been working on for a several years now."

Also while you're on Todd's site check out his Escher's Relativity prints. This was printed with his friends at Studio On Fire using etched copper plates and heated foils. It's the same process used on his Strange Attraction prints.  The last few he did with them have used 3 plates but he bumped the color up for this one to 5. Acccording to Todd "The prints look incredibly dynamic in person; I'm excited for you all to see these. The foils have a reflective/mirrored quality that change under different lighting setups... if you view the chameleon at certain angles the paper will lighten making the chameleon appear inverted, and nearly invisible."

Head over to to pick them up. Also Todd said if you live in the States his plan is to get these out and in your homes before Christmas.

Alexander Hanke Schindelhauer Bicycle Art Prints

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Together with the bike manufacturer Schindelhauer Alexander Hanke released the first run of bicycle themed posters. The aim is to create a print for each model in their catalog to celebrate unique details of every bike. The first batch contains a regular version for the brand itself, one for a bike called "Ludwig" and one for the ladies version called "Lotte“. As fan of the vintage travel and European posters I really dig these.

1st edition: 50 copies each
4 colors on 250gsm Olin smooth paper
Price: 35€
Size: 40x60cm
Available exclusively on their site:

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Martin Ansin Citizen Kane Movie Poster Release

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Citizen Kane is one of the all time great movies in the history of cinema. The American Film Institute ranks the movie as the greatest film of all time in it's "100 Greatest Movies List". In 1941, a young Orson Welles was given unprecedented free rein to make the movie he wanted to make, and in response he "made the greatest movie of all time" in the words of Roger Ebert and countless other movie critics and fans.

Mad Duck is excited to bring you new officially licensed Citizen Kane screenprinted posters with art by the amazing Martin Ansin! There are three different editions available including a wood variant! Full details are listed below.

Regular - 24x36 screenprint, Hand Numbered, Run of 400, $65
Variant - 24x36 screenprint, 2 metallic inks, Hand Numbered, Run of 200, $85
Wood Variant - 24x36 screenprint, 2 metallic inks, Hand Numbered, Run of 30, $250

The prints go on sale this Wednesday, December 13th at 12PM Eastern time

Nicolas Delort Assassin's Creed: Origins Art Print

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Nicolas Delort is proud to unveil a piece he has been working on for a while, in collaboration with Ubisoft and Geek Art, to celebrate the release of Assassin's Creed: Origins video game. This print features the main character in the story Bayek and the ancient land of Egypt. Having played ACO on the PS4 I can say it is amazing and so much fun. But I still can't kill those damn war elephants.

It is a 40x60cm (ap. 23,7x15,7 inches) , 3 color screenprint, with an edition of 300 on really nice Fedrigoni Woodstock Betula 265g paper.

If you are interested in purchasing, head over to the Geek Art store !

Jay Ryan Jesus Lizard Chicago Poster

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The astounding Jesus Lizard reunites to play a handful of shows one of which is in Chicago and Jay Ryan designed the poster.

According to Jay " I witnessed the Jesus Lizard play on Saturday night some time after my normal bedtime. There was a screaming man falling about in front of a rigid noise machine, and everyone in the Metro was enraptured. I wish you had been there."

It is 18 by 24 inches. Four screens on French cover stock. Signed and numbered edition of 220.

Buy it at

Monday, December 11, 2017

Neal Williams Queens of the Stone Age Foo Fighters And Brainic Posters Release

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Neal Williams is dropping a bunch of posters this week.

Foo Fighters in Eugene, OR
18" x 24" - artist edition of 100 (foil edition of 30)
$40 reg/$80 foil

Queens of the Stone Age in Vienna, Austria
18" x 24" - artist edition of 100 (foil edition of 30)
$35 reg/$80 foil

Queens of the Stone Age in Manchester, UK
18" x 24" - artist edition of 100 (foil edition of 30)
$35 reg/$80 foil

Hi is also putting up a Brainiac tribute show poster (they're one of his absolute favorite bands, the singer died 20 years ago). And an Interpol poster.

On sale Tuesday December 12th at 10AM PST at in his store.

Foo Fighters Billings Print By Jim Mazza Release

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Jim Mazza has released his Foo Fighters posters from the show that happened Saturday night in Billings, MT. Posters are 12x24 inches and along with the regular there are a couple of variants.

Buy them at

Fighting 4 Dreams Mystery Tubes

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F4D Studios first ever STORE WIDE Mystery Tube sale is here! Now's the chance to score some awesome posters for a fraction of their regular cost! Available now at!

Each tube will include 3 random posters for only $30 ($10 per poster!) Each tube will also include a random 1.25" F4D button (while supplies last), a random F4D postcard and several F4D vinyl stickers!

All mystery posters are in excellent condition and the majority of them are standard 18" x 24" in size. Everything that's currently our site and even some sold out prints are up for grabs (that includes specialty posters- rainbow foils, lava foil, gold foil, etc.)

Aren Vandenburgh Fantastic Mr Fox Poster Release By Galerie F

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Galerie F have got a really fun poster for our holiday edition of releases at The Logan Theatre.

TITLE: Fantastic Mr Fox
ARTIST: Aren Vandenburgh
SIZE: 18"x24"
MEDIUM: Three color screen print on Yellow Lemon Drop Pop-Tone French Paper
EDITION: 50 w. digital signature, hand numbered
PRINTER: ARGhrist Prints
PRICE: $35

VIP RELEASE: The Logan Theatre on Tuesday, December 12th @ 9PM CST
ONLINE RELEASE: on Thursday, December 14th @ 2PM CST

"Hello! I'm Aren Vandenburgh, a multi-faceted creative type who lives in Eugene, Oregon. I spend my days fiddling with mobile apps in an office building and in the evenings I make pictures of critters, little houses, and the moon.

In my youth I was taken to see Wes Anderson's Bottle Rocket in the theater and it had a big impact on me. Ever since, I've been inspired by Wes' dense, immersive, imagined worlds, and so I lunged at the chance to work on a poster for Fantastic Mr. Fox, with it's warm color palette and pleasant excess of small animals."

Friday, December 8, 2017

Foo Fighters Sacramento Prints By Maxx242 Release

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Official Foo Fighters Sacramento, CA Artist Edition posters
Available Friday, December 8th at 11am Pacific - F4DSTUDIOS.COM

Regular edition of 50
Rainbow Foil edition of 30
Circular Wonder Foil edition of 20

All posters are 7 color screen prints with a clear overlay ink layer on 18" x 24" paper, signed by artist Maxx242. The clear overlay pattern on the poster will shine when you move it!

Onur Last Island Art Print Release From PangeaSeed

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PangeaSeed is pleased to announce the latest print of the ongoing Sea of Change: The Year of Living Dangerously - Vol. 3 print suite by guest artist Onur (Switzerland). The highlighted species of this edition is the iconic polar bear and the issue of climate change as it relates to fossil fuels and human impact.

Artist: Onur (Switzerland)
Title: "Last Island"
14 color screen print signed and numbered by the artist
Edition size: 75
Dimensions: 24x36 inches

Printed by: VG Kids

Available now via

Artist statement:
“Summer and winter are inching closer, the four seasons melting together. Due to climate warming, to which we are undoubtedly contributing, polar icecaps and glaciers are shrinking.The Arctic is bound to set yet another summer melt record this year. An iceberg shouldn't have to drift past a North Sea beach for us to realize just how close our relationship to the Arctic and Antarctic is. My artwork depicts the post-apocalyptic scenario of the last iceberg.” - Onur Dinc

Skurktur Wolves In The Throne Room Berlin Poster

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The German artist duo known as Skurktur have a new gig poster for Wolves In The Throne Room and their concert in Berlin.

These are 2 color screen prints on 22 x 66 cm, 300 g/m² stock. Regular edition of 60. Price 350 NOK (approx. 37€ / 44$) 

The posters were created for the band’s show on November 19 at Bi Nuu in Berlin, Germany. The design is inspired by the track "Born From the Serpent's Eye" from the band’s latest record “Thrice Woven”.

Variant editions on grey and vanilla stock also available.

Available here:

Obey Giant Damaged Stencil Posters Release

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Damaged Stencil Series. 18 x 24 inches. Offsets on cream paper. Signed by Shepard Fairey. Numbered edition of 400. $160. Sold ONLY as a set. Available Tuesday, December 12 on in Store under Prints.

Mike Saputo Gremlins Movie Poster Release By Mondo

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It doesn't feel like the holidays until you've watched GREMLINS at least once, and Friday Mondo are celebrating the horror-comedy Christmas classic with a sinister new poster by Mike Saputo featuring Stripe causing chaos at the YMCA.

Gremlins by Mike Saputo. 24"x18" Screen Print. Hand numbered. Edition of 275.
The poster will be available Friday 12/8 at a random time on

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Foo Fighters Spokane Print By Brad Klausen Release

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Foo Fighters were in Spokane earlier this week and Brad Klausen did the poster for the show. According to Brad, the poster is based off the song The Sky Is a Neighborhood, with a little nod to the video for that song too.

He will have two editions for sale.

Regular poster is 13.75" x 24", 4 Colors on white paper
Signed and numbered out of 110.

Variant poster is 13.75" x 24", 4 Colors on rainbow foil paper
Signed and numbered out of 25

On sale Wednesday at 10 PST at

Tristan Eaton 3D Geisha Art Print Release

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Static Medium have an exciting new release with Tristan Eaton - he redesigned one of his paintings to incorporate 3D elements that work with 3D glasses, which they are shipping with every print. They came out amazing! Tristan's last release with us was quick to sell out, so be sure to grab yours before they're gone.

"3D Geisha" by Tristan Eaton
Giclée print on Moab Entrada 290gsm Cotton Rag
This print was designed by Tristan to include 3D element.
Edition of 110 Signed, stamped and numbered by Tristan
18" x 36"
Includes a pair of 3D glasses

This print will be released at on Wednesday, December 6th at 1:00pm PST.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Maxx242 QOTSA Denmark Posters Release

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Official Queens of the Stone Age Denmark Artist Edition posters by Maxx242

Available Tuesday, December 5th at 11am Pacific - F4DSTUDIOS.COM

Regular edition of 50
Rainbow Foil edition of 30
Diamonds Foil edition of 10
Wind Chimes Foil edition of 10

All posters are 5 color screen prints on 12" x 36" paper, signed by artist Maxx242.

BioWorkz Pixies Vancouver Poster Release

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Pixies Vancouver Artist Edition Posters by BioWorkz
Available on Tuesday, December 5th at 11am Pacific - F4DSTUDIOS.COM

Posters measure 18" x 24" and are 4 color screen prints on special "packing chip kraft" French paper for the Pixies December 4th, 2017 show at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Signed, numbered and hand embossed edition of only 75 prints by artist Bioworkz.

James Flames Almost Famous Movie Poster Release

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This is James Flames final release of the year, and it's also one of his favorite projects from this past year.
I was approached about a year ago by the fine folks at Bottleneck Gallery in NYC, who had just acquired the license for the classic Cameron Crowe film "Almost Famous", and when they asked me if I wanted to make something special for the film, I was all in.

I wanted to include as many references to the film as possible, so the main illustration is based on the great "de-flowering scene"; but sprinkled throughout the details of the artwork are depictions of the "Golden God" scene (still one of the best ever!), the band Stillwater's song "Fever Dog", and their trusty tour bus. (You can see close up images of these details on my site).

But my favorite reference is to the scene when they're all on the bus singing "Tiny Dancer". What a great moment. And so in the illustration, William is at the edge of the bed, writing in his journal, and perched at either corner of his book are two "Tiny Dancers" -- Penny and Russell -- who are basically his guiding forces through his adventure with the band. - James
There are two versions of this screenprinted poster, a regular edition, and a special "Lava Lamp" holofoil variant. Both are very limited editions -- the original release of these posters by the Bottleneck Gallery sold out right away, and these Artist's Editions are the very last copies of this poster to ever be available.

Everything will be on sale on his website Tuesday, December 5th at 1pm Eastern

Monday, December 4, 2017

Foo Fighters Sioux Falls Print By Mariano Arcamone Release

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Mariano Arcamone has his artist copies of his Foo Fighters poster from the concert in  Sioux Falls on sale.
The poster is inspired by the waterfalls from Falls Park in South Dakota. I thought it would be cool to do a mix between those waterfalls, the sculptures from Mount Rushmore and some aliens heads. It was a great pleasure to have created a poster for the band. I've been listening to their records since I was a kid and it's definitely another dream come true! Mariano
Official poster for Foo Fighters - November 11th, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
4 color screen print, 18" x 24", 240 g white Chambril Paper
Limited AP edition of 75 Signed & Numbered
$40 (USD) + shipping
If you are interested in one please send him an e-mail to

Foo Fighters Fresno Poster By Palehorse Design Release

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Palehorse Design has released their poster for the recent Foo Fighters show in Fresno, CA.

There is the regular edition withGold ink on French Paper- Limited to 200
4 Color screen print on 100lb Cover 'Electric Red', French Construction Paper
Signed and numbered
Dimensions : 18" x 24"
'Electric Red' French Construction paper with metallic ink gives poster a rich, classic look!

Plus a variant on red foil that looks sick.

Buy them at

Obey Giant Wrong Path Poster Release

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Obey has a new poster release this and it was part of Shepard's recent solo show Damaged, in LA.
The Wrong Path print is a recognition of the challenges anyone championing environmental responsibility face as well as a comment on the potentially disastrous consequences of the shortsighted policies of Trump’s current administration. The president pulled the United States out of the Paris Climate Accord and appointed Scott Pruitt as head of the Environmental Protection Agency when he had a record of opposing environmental regulation and suing the EPA! We need to consider the consequences of transferring the baggage of irresponsible environmental policies to future generations. Proceeds from this print will go to NRDC to help aid their efforts to improve environmental policies. Thanks for caring. – Shepard
Wrong Path. 18 x 24 inches. Screen print on cream Speckletone paper. Signed by Shepard Fairey. Numbered edition of 450. $55.

Available Tuesday, December 5 at 10AM (PST) on in Store under Prints.  A portion of the proceeds with benefit NRDC.

Josh Keyes Leap Art Print Release

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Josh Keyes has a new print release titled 'Leap'.
Open edition and available now

Here is a link to the Artist Collectables website.

Open Edition
Paper size, 14"x19" inches
Image size, 24x17" inches
Signed and numbered to infinity by the artist
Fine art print on 310gsm Canson Fine Art paper
$150.00 each

Friday, December 1, 2017

Adam Pobiak Jim Hendrix Print Release From Flood Gallery

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Also on Friday Flood Gallery has the launch of a very special screen-print celebrating the 50th anniversary of the classic Jimi Hendrix album AXIS: BOLD AS LOVE.

Designed by the brilliant ADAM POBIAK and commissioned by The Flood Gallery, this 24x36" print is available as a main edition of 190 with four further limited variants of 35, 15, 10 & 5 respectively.


All signed and numbered by Adam Pobiak.

AVAILABLE FOR PRE ORDER FROM FRIDAY DECEMBER 1st at 4pm GMT which is 11am EST from here: